About Us

The Doctor’s Choice is the first ever news and current affairs fortnightly magazine from Bangladesh to offer the latest information on health, population & nutrition sector. It is available on the web and multi-platforms of social networks to reach professionals in home and abroad.

Who we are?

Led by its Editor Farid Ahmed, the magazine is run by a group of highly professional young men and women with diverse background. Experiences of practitioners, academics, researchers, experts and journalists have mingled here to offer the latest information and analysis on health, population, and nutrition issues.

Why the Doctor’s Choice?

Imagine a remote village in rural Bangladesh where a doctor at a government facility is trying hard to offer health services to the poor. Even in urban settings, how s/he will get information on the latest clinical invention or public health research or about the latest development of diagnosis or a new strategy to fight disease? Is there any dependable, unbiased information source that reaches them? Do the existing traditional print and electronic media cover health, population & nutrition related issues focusing practitioners and policy planners? The Doctor’s Choice is the answer.

The fortnightly intends to connect the audience with the latest research and inventions and aims to work as a platform for policy dialogues on health, population & nutrition issues; and associated industries such as pharmaceuticals. It will ultimately bridge the policy planners and professionals with academics, development partners, and industry people.

For Whom?

The Doctor’s Choice will bring the latest information and analysis for doctors and health managers, policy planners, and development partners to formulate appropriate strategies and implement them. Industries involved in the health sector will also find the Doctor’s Choice immensely helpful.

Our Priorities for Bangladesh

As Bangladesh is committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), The Doctor’s Choice through its reporting and other media communication initiatives intends to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) in order to ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being for all of all ages.

Bangladesh is also committed to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2032 and in this respect, The Doctor’s Choice intends to support the Government of Bangladesh in exploring and implementing policy options to increase fiscal space for health and expand coverage while improving service quality and availability.

The Doctor’s Choice will also work and actively contribute towards gender equality in the health, nutrition and population sectors (SDG Goal 5), clean water and sanitation (SDG Goal 6), reduce inequalities (SDG Goal 10) and, sustainable cities and communities (SDG Goal 11).

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